An experienced painter

A commitment to painting is one path of self-knowing, and learning never stops. My imagery derives from life, nature and significant events. I welcome art-interested people to explore my images, to visit my studio, my art and my environment.

Je peints avec passion, et j’enseigne avec plaisir. Mes thèmes trouvent leurs sources dans l’environnement, les événements et les éléments qui alimentent ma vie.  Dans les montagnes, qui surplombent la vallée de la rivière Rouge, j’ai trouvé ce lieu d’existence qui m’appelle à la réflexion et la création.

What's new with me?

inspired to pack up and go / improvising day to day / observing and recording /   applications of 'unctious' materiality

Q: to blog/or not?

Painting series


Fire provides me with an enormous subject to explore - both visually and symbolically.  Engrossing as my theme has become, however, my process advances in tiny steps, as painting has it's own rhythm, and its own time, and I have adapted to it.  My explorations use mixed-media and oil paint, on wood, paper and linen grounds. 


Observational sketching is a visual workout - sketching live models in the studio, or in public places is a frequently repeated activity. Improvement occurs by trial and error learning. No secrets here - the repetitive observation and recording, builds up a library of memory and image-making skills, that can be called upon later and applied in other works.


Sometimes, to challenge myself I like to work on irregularly shaped formats.  I also I prefer my paintings not to be framed, since they are adequately protected by primer coats and frames are not necessary. 


Generally, I like to work on a neutral or mixed colour base, but I wanted the challenge of trying a powerful ground.  Landscapes, freed of 17th century rules, can go in many different directions.  I interpret my surroundings - how I see them, not how I 'think' them. 


In these paintings I try and share my sensation of being surrounded by an environment beyond my control.  Feeling the immensity of nature and its indifference to me, a mere human, reminds me that I am a temporary tenant, occupying a privileged moment in time and space. 


A series of works that evolved from calligraphic ink sketches of a dog. These  fellow creatures are my ‘familiars’ with whom I have shared my life.  They leave imprints in the landscapes of my memory.  My immediate goal was to give an impression of 'dog-ness' - not cute or pleasing, but something essentially canine.  Once achieved, I looked at them over a period of time and decided that I would develop a concept  of fellow travellers, who experience both the successes and obstacles of humanity.

Current Works

Three rivers have marked my life.  I was born by the river Thames, later I adopted the Saint Lawrence, and now I am settled near the Riviérè Rouge.  I have spent much time looking over and into water - responding to the challenges of constant movement; changing atmospheres; and a simultaneous experience of surface and depth.