About Joanna

My painting echoes my life, and balancing both entities helps me attain a place of equilibrium. I paint from an undefinable place situated somewhere between my brain and stomach. The power of this ‘painting central’ guides me through possibilities, and choices. My specific subjects (nature, objects, ideas) act as a conduit leading me out of the ‘painting central’ and into the technical skills needed to exploit the limitations of colored mud – my chosen medium.


I have solid training in the traditions of painting practice and theory, and describe myself as a contemporary painter situated between representation and non-representation of reality.


My painter’s touch was influenced by my practice of Kendo and Aiido (Japanese sword fighting and sword forms), as well as years of Japanese calligraphy practice. These disciplines have given me the stamina it takes to be a painter, and have helped me become more emphatic and coherent in my brushwork.