Finding the Balance between Atmosphere and Structure:
A visit to Joanna Nash’s Studio

by Claire Oscuro February 23, 2012


Joanna Nash’s studio overlooks a beautiful panoramic view of a valley amongst rolling hills. Upon entering the studio, there are shelves full of framed and unframed paintings some are watercolor landscapes, as well as collages, and drawings. Joanna’s new large-sized paintings, done in mixed media on linen, examine the theme she names “Landscape Under Fire.” What really transpires from the images surpasses a mere landscape. These landscapes generate a meditative mood; they have a tactile quality, with intense, yet harmonious, contrasting and blending nuances.


In the work area itself, the walls display paper studies, painted in colors that exude warmth. This is a departure from some of her previous landscapes which were a bit more “austere”, as commented another guest who also added that Joanna “seemed to have found the balance between intensity, different moods and texture.” Joanna herself says that she does put “a little more of one and less of the other; finding the balance between atmosphere and structure.”


This series has evolved from observations and sketches done of the flames in her fireplace. Joanna says that she starts from the real with her sketches, and takes it from there. Some of the paintings are still a “work in progress,” as Joanna has not determined them complete yet.


After over 30 years of doing the “exhibit” circuit in the city, Joanna is quite content to live in the Laurentians and concentrate on her painting. “Settled here on a hill overlooking the Riviérè Rouge valley, I have found my place to reflect and create. I welcome the art-interested public to come and explore my studio, my art and my environment.”