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3 O'clock thoughts: Feb. 2023


SURPRISES: home is the same and different; no internet; need more time to adapt to coming home after 3 months in Newfoundland(age related, probably); nature around the house has reached jungle proportions - where to begin?

STRATEGY: take a few days to ponder my life and place in Arundel and world as a whole;

do the mundane but necessary things that are required(and hate every minute of it);

get back into the studio and do the rituals necessary before any worthwhile work can begin.

ACTION: dispose of mouse bodies in studio along with powerful smell of aforementioned rodents; clean-up and renew work set-up; sit and look at works that were left while in Newfoundland; do more looking and try and really 'see' what was going on. Ask the essential questions: can I reconnect to the 'feel' of what and where I was previously? Can I adapt the works to where I am now? What must I do to ease myself back into my somewhat developed paintings?

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