Visual Artist


Full-time painter with solid training, and experienced in textile arts; public exhibition history spanning 40 years.


M.A. from McGill University, 1996 (thesis: The Praxis of teaching drawing).  Additional studies and Master Classes with: Bernard Chäet (Prof.Emeritus Yale University) at the Vermont Studio School; Ron Shuebrook, Russell Yuristy, Karen Wilkin, Greg Curnoe (Emma Lake, Sask.); Stephanie Raynor (Haliburton), and Sensei F. Okimura (Montreal).

Collections (corporate)


  • Petro Canada, Alberta, (two acquisitions)

  • Imperial Oil, Toronto, (two acquisitions)

  • L’Industrielle Alliance, Montreal

  • Health and Welfare Canada, Ottawa

  • Corporation de Loto Québec, (two acquisitions)

Galerie Sylviane Poirier, Mtl.

Gallery McClure, Mtl

I approach the problems and blocks characteristic of artistic creation by paying attention to the smallest things: the order in my studio, my personal state of being, and most importantly, my contact with nature.